Monday, September 17, 2007

Let begin...

Well, my name is Dimitri Lalushi, I am an illustrator and this is a gallery blog built for showing my illustration works (they have to do with areas including general illustration, cartoons, concept design, product design etc). I preffered creating a blog, instead of creating a site, for reasons of having comments and a dialogue regarding those works too. So welcome all. Let feel in ease to share your constructive thoughts about the images. Whoever has an interest to communicate with me for a possible collaboration aim can leave a site adress so that may I contact him.
Most of the works shown here are not used commercially. Some of them were made without any commercial aim, while some others are not used ones because of various reasons (wherever is so I am putting an explanatory note of the reason they remained not used).

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Cheri said...

Awesome! Love it.