Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A recent work (2006). A heavy carrier vehicle. Wings and Kerkythea.

Deserted alien planet mine plant. Inspired from Herbert's Dune.

Rocket attack. Interplanetary war: a classic sf theme. Inspired from British sf comic books of sixties-seventies as Fireball, Stingray, Captain Scarlett etc. Bryce render.

Gigantic creatures of an alien sea. A slightly different version of this image has been published in a sf magazine in Athens. Bryce v.3 render.

A heavy spaceship in an interplanetary mission. Bryce v.3.

Snow planet. Experimenting with Bryce for producing otherworldly yet realistic results.

Somewhere in an alien planetary system. Bryce v.3.

Sun motif. Yafray render.

Sun motif. Kerkythea render.

The same fish model below edited slightly, made to a statuette and rendered in Kerkythea as a glass object.

Turkish tea. An image modeled in Wings 3D and rendered in Yafray, another superb free renderer. Even I, myself, did not believe when I first saw the results in its conveying the sense of real glass.

A fish in polluted waters. Trying to achieve realism, some years ago, by rendering in Bryce v.3. Modelling in Wings 3D, as always.

Aliens approaching a human made space dock. Wings and Bryce v.3.

An alien organism in its scafander, sailing somehwere in an unknown planet. Wings 3D and Bryce v.3 (as far as I remember:).

'In orbit'. Another 3D image made some years before. The analogy in dimensions between cosmic entitites and realities, as are planets and interplanetary space, and the human affairs' world was always an awe inspiring theme to me, something keeping always present the original existential questions.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An older 3D work. A sf theme: a robo-space vehicle coming out of a living cosmic entity. This image has been rendered in an old free version of a legendary, really, software, Bryce 3D. Someone can find a free copy of its 5.5 version here. There is a need for registration but it is an easy process. If you want to be involved in 3D it is worth trying, without the slightest doubt.
Quietness. Another Kerkythea render. Sculpted in Ppmodeler, another free modeller, full of excellent tools.

A 3D work. Modelled in Wings 3D and rendered in Kerkythea. Both free software. Free and of a really high quality, having nothing to be jealous of the commercial ones. Let say here that Kerkythea is a creation of a friend here in Athens, Ghiannis Pantazopoulos. Thanks a lot Ghianni for this so precious tool.